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Hi there! Glad you found me!

I'm a visual storyteller, animator, mentor, and dabbler-of-design, born and raised in southern California, but currently based out of Omaha. I'm a Year 1 Animation Instructor for the nonprofit AFAHub, specializing in vocationally training adults on the Autism spectrum in the art of animation.  I love supporting and encouraging those around me in their personal and professional art goals, while also expanding my own horizons.  

I adore early-mid 20th century colors and fashion, fashion history (especially of the 1820s - the mid-2oth century), playing the piano and ukulele, bunnies, animation history, horror film history, and other nerdy things of a vast variety, but not nearly as much as I love to make people smile.

It's been so nice meet you!  Don't be a stranger; hit that contact button and let's visit some more, or email me directly at

- Sara Rose

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